We are building strong connections resulting in unique cooperation. OPEN FUTURE brings together:

Municipalities, which would like to support young people after-school activities in their town, can get engaged in the project and provide a space for the centre. We are focusing on towns in all the regions except for Bratislava and town districts with lower number of high-quality youth programs. At the moment the cooperation is established with Trnava and Zvolen.

Participating in the program municipalities will gain:

  • High quality after-school program for young people
  • Support of schools, communities and town districts with increased number of children with socially deprived background and worse PISA results
  • Bottom-up community problem solving coming from young people
  • Attractive and unique premises for children and the youth
  • Opportunity to engage their employees as mentors or volunteers in the center
  • Chance to open the door and show their work to young people

The Town of Trnava supports the OPEN FUTURE Pilot Center at Maxim Gorký Primary School in Trnava.

The participants enrollment process is being supported by our cooperation with schools, teachers, volunteering organizations, community centers and after-school centers that:

  • are full of motivated young who are, however, lacking capacities to develop their talent,
  • are enthusiastic about high quality extra-curricular activities.


It is important to cooperate with nearby primary schools and teachers. These schools can benefit from:

  • high quality extra-curricular activities for students from 5th grade on
  • a safe environment for pupils to work independently and in teams
  • chill-out zone and refreshments
  • a network of volunteers and mentors who will help participants with their homework


Our participants will be supported during the transition from primary to secondary school. Therefore, we are cooperating with secondary schools in participating towns which gain:

  • opportunity to present themselves in front of their potential future applicants
  • better prepared students, ready for the next stage in their education.

Close collaboration with universities, entrepreneurs and education experts helps us create content modules through which participants will be guided by mentors.

While recruiting mentors for OPEN FUTURE center we are cooperating with universities offering their students an opportunity to do an internship in non-formal education. Currently, we are in close contact with following faculties:

  • Trnava University: Faculty of Health Care and Social Work and Faculty of Education
  • University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava: Faculty of Social Sciences.

Program Expert Supervisors

Arnold Kiss

Maxman Consultants

Arnold is really keen on Slovak education. He is also an instructor and consultant in Maxman Consultants, which is, for the past 25 years, focusing on soft skills in business and helping NGOs to achieve their full potential.

Eva Klimeková

Mini Tech Institute Civic Association

Eva, as an expert for content quality of Mini Tech MBA, creates its educational activities and current curriculum. Her PhD. Major was Informatics Education at the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics at the Comenius University in Bratislava and she is also teaching Informatics at Juraj Hronec High School.

Marián Holienka

Faculty of Management of the Comenius University

Marián is an Associate Professor at the Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at the Faculty of management of Comenius University. In his pedagogical and lecturing activities, he is focused on the business environment field, training and entrepreneurship and business skills development.

Who we are

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