13. 07. 2017 Pontis Foundation

Why did we attend the Pohoda festival this year?

Also this year we opened the tent of the Great Country in the centre of the festival.

Our visitors didn’t receive any billsfrom a cash register. In the Great Country tent, you were helping and donating. Why?


  • # 1 have a great coffee and cakes
  • # 2 meet your friends in a pleasant environment
  • # 3 look into your body or get to know the life of homeless people through VR videos
  • # 4 test the bench for “smart” cities
  • # 5 take a picture with celebrities
  • # 6 buy a beautiful T-shirt, sweatshirt or other wonderful little thing

It is all true, but there is also a little more to it.

According to our volunteer Iveta, we were a paradise also for a team who took care of you: “Thank you for being a volunteer in your tent. You are very talented, you have organized it very well. I am happy that my work was meaningful and helped to somebody. We were a great team and even though the work at the bar was very difficult, I didn’t really feel like at work. It’s an unforgettable experience.” We are very happy about it and grateful for every single volunteer who has created a feeling of well-being in our tent.

Everything you bought or experienced with us, will be used for further operations of our portal. You will find 60 well-established charity projects at DobraKrajina.sk portal this year too. They are fulfilling a very specific need in their community and are trying to solve a problem that concerns our entire society strategically. At the Pontis Foundation, we are creating a space for them for professional crowdfunding and try to raise attention of new donors for charity projects.

This is for example how the centre Nezábudka, which is helping children with severe disabilities in the Senec region, was developed. Another story is about helping to build an educational apiary in Kokava nad Rimavicou. Together with the Pohoda Agency and Depaul Slovakia, we started to organize „Doma Dobre” concerts. The Fair-play Alliance could afford to pay one employee for a year to investigate and publish overpriced tenders. And there’s a lot more of it. Thanks to the visitors of the tent at DobraKrajina.sk at the Pohoda festival, we will start #GivingTuesday event on November 28, and establish the tradition of celebrating generosity, giving and donating in Slovakia. You are cordially invited. We are looking forward to you.

Also thanks to you we can provide our help. Thank you.

We would like to show our gratitude to all our partners who helped us to create a paradise in our tent. We express our recognition for the beautiful interior to the students of the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts. You are awesome! And we thank the company VISA for the opportunity to #pomáhaťdotykomfor the first time in Slovakia.

We are thankful to our partners, who enabled us to bring you experiences with added value to the Pohoda festival:

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