15. 08. 2013 Pontis Foundation

Festival Pohoda visitors gave 21 040 Euro to the charity Good Café

The Café visitors supported 10 projects of Slovak non-profits which change Slovakia for the better through the portal DobraKrajina.sk.

During three days the bartenders of the Pontis Foundation and 9 non-profit organizations gave out together 7 560 coffees and 1 200 lemonades. Cappuccinos, ice coffees, and chocolate croissants were also very popular.

The Pontis Foundation came to the festival Bažant Pohoda with its charity café for the fourth time. Every year the raised money supports selected projects within non-profits associated on the portal DobraKrajina.sk. This year the 21 040 Euro will be distributed among 10 NGOs.

You have supported good projects

Besides the portal DobraKrajina.sk from the Pontis Foundation, the visitors of the festival supported also Depaul Slovakia – an organization providing sleepover and shelter for the homeless in Bratislava. For each Euro they can provide breakfast and sleepover for people in need. In addition to this, the money will go to the Station Žilina – Zárečie to support the development of the visitors ‘center near the future art gallery which is to be built in the New Synagogue located in the town.

The Human Rights League will ensure Slovak language and requalification courses for foreigners and refugees so they can have a quality life in Slovakia.

Also the visitors to the Good Café supported the project House concerts which are organized by a famous violoncellist Jozef Lupták. The effort of the association the Convergences is to liven up a concert and community life in Slovakia and lead locals towards greater involvement in the arts.

A part of the raised money goes also to the Provida Foundation which works with deaf children. There are about 50 thousand of such kids in Slovakia and we do not have a modern sign language dictionary. There is an opportunity for the creation of a portal which would explain signs in short videos and the money from the Good Café will support its completion.

The center for autistic children Andreas will get support from the Good Café. The centre wants to take the pressure off parents of austistic children at weekends by providing a care system but this costs 24euro per day for an assistant so the Good Café will help cover the cost of this. Nezábudka from Senec is an association which helps families with disabled children. Thanks to support it can keep developing movement and communication skills of children in cooperation with special pedagogues and artists.

Thanks to the support from the Good Café the civic association Fontis can keep cleaning banks and channel of Žitava River. For years The Bratislava Regional Association for Nature Conservation and Sustainable Development together with volunteers take care of improvement of the areas Dunajské Luhy and Ostrovné Lúčky.

The Good Café was financially supported by CEE Trust and above mentioned non-profit organizations. The product support of the café was provided by TESCO STORES SR a.s.

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