21. 02. 2023 Pontis Foundation

For the first time, we will be involved in monitoring the EU structural funds

The Pontis Foundation is represented in the committee by senior policy officer Romana Kanovská.

The Pontis Foundation is represented in the Monitoring Committee of the Operational Programme Slovakia for the first time. The committee has 36 members and consists of representatives of ministries, the European Commission, employers, municipalities, trade unions, academia and the non-governmental sector. The Pontis Foundation is represented by our senior policy manager Romana Kanovská.

On the 16th of February, 2023, the first meeting took place, officially launching the use of new European structural funds in Slovakia. We will be using them until 2027. The aid package is in the total amount of almost 13 billion euros. The Slovakia programme promises significantly easier implementation and less administrative burden than the previous period.

The monitoring committee will perform several critical tasks concerning the new European structural funds, e.g. monitor how the programme is progressing, whether the planned goals are being achieved, what affects the programme’s performance or what measures and changes need to be taken for its better implementation. It also approves the methodology and criteria for selecting projects.

“I wish that the new European funds will be used for good and beneficial projects that will bring a better, quality and healthier life to the people of Slovakia. As a member of the Monitoring Committee, I will focus mainly on projects that support social innovation, introduce innovative approaches and solutions, and also on projects that greatly impact education in Slovakia,” said Romana after the meeting.

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