Companies to the Community

Join the leaders in corporate volunteering

Who we are

We bring together companies which have decided to support communities (non-profit organisations, schools, groups of disadvantaged citizens, etc.) as part of their responsible entrepreneurship and to constantly improve their position in society through participation in specific activities.

What we offer as part of the Companies to the Community working group at the Business Leaders Forum:

  • two annual networking member meetings
  • collection of clothing and supplies for people in need twice a year
  • tailor-made activities within the Our Town event
  • opportunity to give Pro Bono Training on selected topics for non-profit and school representatives
  • coordinated volunteer activities such as blood donation
  • individual consultancy and support
  • participation in a thematic seminar
  • free access to a year-round database of volunteer opportunities in verified organisations

Why join

Community support is one of the main themes of responsible entrepreneurship. Being able to participate in community support activities increases your attractiveness as an employer, contributes to employee satisfaction and supports team spirit through collective activities. The aims of the activities are easily measurable and allow for the efficient use of resources.

„You should communicate about volunteering patiently, using a fact-based line of reasoning to convince your management. Managers like fast, clear and quantifiable arguments. I am convinced that investing in the community gives the company a significant competitive advantage. Everybody can see us building and helping in towns and villages. Once we help the community, relationships take another level. Hence, we pave the way for better communication and future cooperation.“

Magdaléna Dobišová, Skanska SK
Vice Chair of the Board and Director of Corporate Governance, Chief Officer of Ethics, D&I


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